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Credit Cards

Whether you prefer a credit card with the lowest rate, or one that rewards you for every purchase, you'll find that all of our cards come with the friendly features you've come to expect from Your Credit Union.



The Classic Card lets you keep up with your busy life and offers the same low rate for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers.

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Credit Builder

Specifically for members between the ages of 18 and 21, Your Credit Union’s Credit Builder card helps younger members establish good credit.

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Turn your everyday expenses into points that you can exchange for 1% cash back, valuable merchandise, or travel experiences.

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Calculate How Long It Will Take To Pay Off Your Credit Card?

Americans today owe more money than ever before. The fact that "interest never sleeps" means that the situation will continue to worsen unless steps are taken at the individual level to reduce or eliminate debt. Additional monthly payments can make a difference to accelerate paying off your credit cards and save yourself hundreds and thousands in interest payments. Use our Credit Card Repayment Calculator to figure out when you can pay off your credit card.

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